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About Lavender Womyn 

Lavender Womyn is a National organization of lesbian social groups through the U.S.  Currently, we aren’t in any other countries, but would like to be someday.  Lavender Womyn was created for the purpose of helping lesbians find each other, and then giving them a safe place where they can gather together to have some fun and most of all, feel safe to be themselves.  Having lived in my city for over 25 years, I swore I was the only lesbian living here.  Lavender Womyn has changed that thought, and I now know I’m not alone.  What a great feeling!!  I grew up thinking that it wasn’t okay to be me, and that I was the only one who felt this way.  What a relief to find many others just like me to be able to bring everyone together to enjoy living as ourselves, and not having to “pretend” to be someone else.

Lavender Womyn events are intended mostly for lesbians, but we don’t exclude anyone who supports people being able to be who they are.  Although the majority of people at our events are lesbians, we’ve also had transgender’s, bi-sexuals, and heterosexuals attend as well.  Everyone is welcome who supports equality and diversity.  There is enough discrimination and judgment in this world.  We are about equality, openness, respect and loving people as people.

So, whether you’re gay, straight, transgender, single, coupled, a parent, etc., come join in on the fun.  We’re all about living life to the fullest.  This is a time and place where you can just relax and enjoy the company of others.

Below is some footage from some of our events.  We have lots of fun!!  Don’t worry about being new because we’ve never had an event in 9+ years where we didn’t have several new people join us.  That’s the great thing about Lavender Womyn is we are constantly growing and changing as people come and go as needed in their lives.  And, if you’re really shy, then keep an eye out for our Bunco events.  Those are the best events to keep you interacting with other women as we change partners and tables many times throughout the game.  We only have Bunco twice a year, so don’t miss out when it comes around.



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