Lavender Womyn has many chapters throughout the country.  Below, you will find information about each chapter, how active they are, how to join their email lists, Facebook pages, and more.  Some of the chapters are very active, some have never been active, and some were active in the past, but are currently stagnant.  Anyone is welcome to host an event.  If you have an idea of something fun to do, then send an email to the group and see if you can spark some interest.

Be sure to check out our sub-chapters at the end of this page.

Before joining any email group or attending any Lavender Womyn event, be sure you read and understand our terms and conditions by clicking here. By joining any email group or attending any Lavender Womyn’s event, you are acknowledging agreement to our terms and conditions.

The Coos Bay chapter is an active chapter and meets throughout the year for social gatherings.  This chapter has both an email list and Facebook page.


The Corvallis-Albany chapter is an active chapter, which services Benton, Linn, and Lincoln counties and beyond. They welcome all women-loving women, including those who identify as lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, etc. Ongoing events currently include DiningOUT and a lesbian fiction book club.
Contact the Corvallis-Albany ModeratorJoin Corvallis-Albany's Email List


The Eugene chapter is not currently active with events, but has been in the past.  They have a large email list of almost 400 members and continue to grow in their email list.  Periodically, information is shared through the email group.  If anyone would like to start leading this group with intiating events, then contact the moderator of the group.
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The Fort Smith chapter is an active chapter. They communicate a bit differently than the other chapters and you need to send an email request to the moderator to join their chapter.
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The Grants Pass chapter is an active chapter and meets throughout the year for social gatherings.
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The Kentucky chapter has been around for quite some time, but has never been active. However, it has a new moderator now who is trying to get this chapter active.  Feel free to join in and help get the momentum going.  They do have over 50 members on the email list.
Email Kentucky ModeratorJoin Kentucky’s Email ListJoin Kentucky's Facebook page


The Portland chapter in not currently active with events. Although, they have been in the past and have a large email list with over 200 members. They do use the email list for informational purposes.  If anyone would like to start leading this group with intiating events, then contact the moderator of the group.
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The Rogue Valley chapter is an active chapter. This chapter services Rogue River, Gold Hill, Central Point, Medford, Eagle Point, Shady Cove, Cave Junction, and Ashland.
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The Salem chapter is an active chapter. This was where Lavender Womyn began and was the first chapter.
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The Savannah chapter is an active chapter and mostly communicates through Facebook.
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The Spokane chapter is not currently active. It’s a fairly new chapter and there’s hope it will grow and become an active chapter soon.
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The Wichita chapter is a fairly new chapter. It has been a slow start in activity, but there’s hope it will grow and become an active chapter soon.
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Lavender Womyn Sub-Chapters:  Sub-chapters are groups of Lavender Womyn who have a specific interest in common.

The Lavender Womyn Kayaking Klub is a social network of women who kayak whitewater, flat water, touring… What the Klub gives you is an opportunity to find other women to kayak with, make new friends, get announcements, share gas, learn about new kayaking areas, learn from each other, and above all, do what we love to do: KAYAK! We are a diverse group of women with all different skill levels from the beginner to the advanced paddler. It is up to you to make the group what you want it to be. You can organize a 4-hour float trip to a multi-day excursion; add bird watching to the trip, or some whitewater, but whatever you do, just add water! We welcome all ideas, photos, information, interesting websites, discussions, or equipment exchange. A calendar will be maintained for any up-coming events. Again, just add water and watch it grow! This group is primarily for lesbians (but no one is excluded) who are interested in kayaking.
Email Wichita’s ModeratorJoin LW Kayaking Klub's Email List


The Vortex Group is a social network of people who focus on living a more positive outlook on life.  Who believe that what we focus on is what we bring into our lives, therefore we use tools, books, DVDs, CDs, etc. to help us live in a more positive way.   Currently, we are watching the Abraham-Hicks DVDs.  We also have discussions as we watch the DVDs, share ideas, thoughts, and feedback on living in a more positive way.  This group is for anyone who is drawn to this way of thinking.  Everyone is welcome…female, male, gay, straight, or bi.  We meet once-a-month for about three hours.

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