How it All Began

Lavender Womyn was actually started by accident (of course, I don’t truly believe it was an accident).  A friend of mine, Fun Linda, and I were talking over dinner one night about having a small barbecue.  Getting a few of her lesbian friends and a few of mine together to meet and build some new friendships.  Originally, we were thinking of maybe six or so of us getting together.  Well, over the next few weeks, I started thinking about other womyn I knew and groups who might be interested in attending our barbecue, so I extended the invitation out a little further, and a little further, and a little further.  Next thing I knew, on June 1, 2003, I had a houseful of womyn and children showing up for some socializing, fun and food!!  We had womyn come from as far South as Eugene and as far North as Olympia, Washington.  The funny thing is that my friend, Fun Linda, never made it to the barbecue.  She was stranded over at the coast while I was left trying to handle this barbecue by myself, but everyone was very kind and helped out wherever they could. 

We had so much fun, we decided to come together again the next month, and then the next, and the next.  After four months, I saw we had something happening here.  I saw a huge need being met, friendships being built, relationships growing, and womyn having a great time socializing with one another…and most of all feeling safe to be themselves.  So, I wanted to make this official and come up with a group name.  I had a contest asking the womyn to submit their ideas.  The person who submitted the winning name would receive a prize.  Needless to say, the ideas came pouring in!  It was a lot of fun seeing the creativity of all the different names.  It ended up being a close race between three different ones, but Adeena came up with the name “Wild Lavender Women” and won the contest.  There was some concern expressed about having the word “Wild” in our name (thinking maybe people would get the wrong idea about us laid back, mellow womyn), so I tweaked the name a bit, and that’s when “Lavender Womyn” was officially born on October 22nd, 2003!

Some of us are moms, and some of us aren’t.  Some of us are single, and others are not.  We have events which include the children, and then sometimes we have the need to just have “adult” time together.  Womyn travel from all over to attend our events, so no matter what your status or where you live, I’m sure you’ll find “Lavender Womyn” to be very open, warm, and welcoming.  So, come join us and have some fun.  You’ll be glad you did!!

Click on the Chapters link to visit the Lavender Womyn Chapter you are interested in finding out more about. Always remember that no matter what city you live in, you are welcome to attend any of the Lavender Womyn events that interests you.  If you’d like to start your own chapter, then be sure to click here to find out how you can become a part of the Lavender Womyn National Organization.

In Spirit ~ Kim

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