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We have many Lavender Womyn members who own or operate their own businesses.  Support our community by visiting these lesbian owned businesses.

If you are a lesbian/gay business owner and would like to find out how you can have your business listed here, then click here to email me.  No MLM or Network Marketing businesses, please.  Just a heads up, since we are advertising your business, I will ask for a small donation to help cover our website costs before posting your business on here.


Kim Windfeather is the founder of the Lavender Womyn National organization and is a Licensed Oregon Real Estate Broker for HomeSmart Realty Group.  She enjoys people and helping them find their dream home, whether it’s your starter home or twentieth home.  Buying and/or selling a home can be a wonderful journey and Kim looks forward to working with you to help you accomplish your goals and reach for your dreams. She will represent your interests and serve your real estate needs with the honesty and integrity you expect, and invites you to become one of her many satisfied clients. To read a few testimonies from Kim’s clients, click here.

“The Realtor Who Turns Houses into Homes”   Click here to email Kim.

Visit her website to find out more and request a free home evaluation report:  www.KimWindfeatherRealtor.com

Join Kim’s Facebook Page at: https://www.facebook.com/kim.windfeather.realtor/

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Tired of the “Less than 100% Life?”

It’s not that your life is a big disaster. Much of it is actually quite wonderful.Maybe you’re in a home that you love, spend quality time with family and friends, and travel to interesting places… You might have trained for work you love, even own your own business.

But still there’s something missing. That missing something may be concrete. You’re tired of working in a job that is just a job. Your business has left you depleted, out of shape, and overwhelmed. Your dream business or life has stayed just that, a dream.

Maybe you’re not even sure what’s missing. It’s more of a gut feeling.

You feel you came to this world to make a difference, to leave your mark, to touch people’s lives. You don’t want to be someone who just lives. You don’t want the bland, beige, boring life. You want a vibrant 100-watt life!  Click here to read more

Sharon Roemmel helps passionate women connect more deeply with their purpose and find a sustainable approach to living their dreams. Connect with Sharon on Facebook at:

Join Sharon’s Facebook Page at: Facebook Page




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Lara Knudsen – Family Physician 

My name is Lara Knudsen, and I’m a family physician in Salem, Oregon. I opened this clinic in April 2013.

After spending 12 years in college, medical school, and residency training in order to become a doctor, I found it frustrating to work in a large health care system where I felt pressured to see many patients every day. The knowledge and skills that I worked so hard to acquire are not easily compressed into 15-minute visits, nor is responding to people’s innermost fears about their health. Like many primary care physicians, I was starting to feel burnt out and drained at the end of the day, and I thought to myself, I’m too early in my career to be burnt out already!  Click here to read more.

For more information, visit her main website at:  www.happydoc.org



Jennifer SamsomJennifer Samsom, MA, MFT 

Jennifer works with clients who seek support as they face and navigate life’s many challenges, as well as clients who are simply ready to move in a new direction in their lives.

Mindfulness is a particular state of mind or vulnerability that allows us to have reactions and responses without judgment or self-criticism so that we may study ourselves and understand why we do the things we do.

Jennifer works with individuals, couples, and transfolk, but couples are her specialty.

For more information, visit her main website at: www.mindfultherapyportland.com



Jay Dee Barry Graphic DesignJay Dee Barry Design has been serving the Medford/Rogue Valley area of Oregon, as well as national and international customers, with innovative graphic design services since 1985. We pride ourselves on our creativity, diversity, understanding and attention to our customers’ goals and perspective.  Jay Dee designed Lavender Womyn’s logo.

For more information, visit her main website at: http://www.jdbarrydesign.com

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