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Are there any lesbian social groups in your area? If not, are you a leader or know someone who’s a leader? Do you want to start a Lavender Womyn’s chapter in your city? If so, click here to contact me, and I’ll get you set up. But, before you contact me, ask yourself these questions:


1) Am I a leader?
2) Do I have time to invest in leading a group?
3) Do I have ways to promote the group, like bookstores, newspapers, flyers around town, etc.?     
4) Is it important to me to have a lesbian social group in my city?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, then contact me to discuss setting up a Lavender Womyn’s group in your area. Serious inquiries only please.  I’ve had too many women contact me wanting to start a chapter and then didn’t do anything with it.  My time is valuable and I’m willing to invest in those who are serious, but you must have a drive and passion to be a leader, and take action. 

To see what chapters are already in existance, click here.  We have several inactive chapters.  If you want to try and wake up a dormant chapter, let me know.  Dormant chapters have been revived before, but it takes an ambitious leader to do it.

Also, if you are already involved with a Lavender Womyn’s chapter and would like to start a sub-chapter, like a Lavender Womyn book club, movie club, photography club, etc., then let me know and I’ll get you set up.  There are so many different interests that we want to meet those needs and bring like-minded individuals together.  For example, the Eugene chapter has the “Lavender Womyn’s Kayaking Klub.”  So, if you have a specific interest and would like to find others with that same interest, let me know and we’ll work on putting something together.

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