Lavender Womyn has helped enhance the lives of many lesbian women from all over the country. These testimonials will give you hope and faith in our communities of support of friendships and wonderful relationships. If you don’t have a Lavender Womyn’s chapter in your city and would like to find out more about how you can do that, then click on the “start a chapter” button below.

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“This group has meant a lot to both of us. We enjoy the potluck, the time spent with our sisters and the meaning of friendship and love shared.” ~ Rhonda and Darcy, Rogue Valley Chapter
“…I was amazed at how welcomed I felt from a group of strangers! I know that it’s a lot of work hosting an event such as this and appreciate your willingness to do so. I look forward to seeing everyone at one of the upcoming diningOUT events or the coffee events.” ~ Michelle, Salem Chapter
“Thank you for the work and love you put into this group. Lavender Womyn is so much bigger than one womyn and yet it is all because of one. You are so appreciated and such a gift to this world. We are all one in spirit” ~ Penny, Corvallis-Albany Chapter
“It suddenly occurred to me this morning that Rogue Valley Lavender Womyn has been a Gift From God. Dunno…..I only know meeting this wonderful group of women has opened doors I never expected to appear. When I was at my loneliest……when I grasped onto totally inappropriate women (for me)……when I participated in the eternally frustrating whirlwind …..I had no idea that another opportunity would appear that would so universally change my life and my life’s path as this group has done. I suddenly have FRIENDS! And WONDERFUL FRIENDS! And events! And LAUGHTER! And maybe I can HELP OTHERS! …Let it be said, it’s ALL GOOD!” ~ Donna, Rogue Valley Chapter
“I really enjoyed today and especially swapping stories around the kitchen table. I look forward to many more times enjoying time spent with you guys. It sort of surprises me because over the past 17 years or so I’ve sort of become a hermit! I’ve never been much of a joiner, and never real comfortable in “group social” situations, but with the Lavender Womyn I feel pretty darn comfortable, and look forward to spending time with you all. ~ Anonymous
“I have been to many groups and been a participant, but never one like this. Normally, we all run parallel to one another and never really mix, but this group not only mixes, it feels comfortable.” ~ Diana, Salem Chapter
I am in awe every time I stop and consider what a huge impact Lavender Womyn has made in my life and the lives of others whom I’ve met through it. That is one of the main reasons why I like to be involved however my time and resources will allow me to be. I truly believe in what it does for our community. It’s absolutely incredible! ~ Nori L., Portland Chapter
“It has turned out that going bowling (on February 17, 2008) led us to make new friends within the lesbian community, and I want to thank you for that.” ~ Jenny U., Salem Chapter
“The Salem Lavender Womyn e-mail newsletter is one of the best in the Pacific Northwest, if not all of the world.” ~ Chuck, Lavender Womyn Supporter
“I am very impressed with your organization and website, and the many sub-sites. Your website has the ease and simplicity of the truly sophisticated, and you are clearly meeting an organizational need. I appreciate your desire to be an inclusive information source and unifying force. I also appreciate the refreshing lack of separatism.” ~ Kathleen P., Salem Chapter
“I really appreciate what you do, the giftedness that you bring to your work, and the way this has helped/is helping me to feel less alone and vulnerable during my “coming out” process.” ~ J
“About 2 years ago I joined. I live in Pendleton, had fallen in love with a woman, was married with kids and really stunned with what was happening. I felt I had no where to turn – living in a small rural community, and was afraid for my boys. I stayed with my husband because I didn’t know what else to do and my life was in shambles. I felt lonlier than I ever had, and needed support. In July, someone from Florida had posted a request for a pen pal on your web site. I responded because I needed someone to talk to and because it felt safe to do so at a distance. Well, the pen pal is now not only my lover, but my soul mate. Since meeting her, I have moved out of my husband’s home, have established my own residence, have had awesome talks with my boys, and I feel more hopeful about life than I have in a long time. I believe I can be true to myself, I can have my children, and I can have a pleasurable life with the love of my life. Thank you for what you do and for the difference your work has made in my life. ~ Sue I, Salem Chapter
“I want to thank you and Lavender Womyn for all that you have done for me! Actually, I could never really thank you enough. You see, I am the person that Sue was referring to. I wrote in to Lavender Womyn looking for a pen pal back in July. I was very impressed with the activities and comments that various womyn had made about your group and even though I lived in Florida, I figured that I could have some quality pen pals through your group. Little did I know that my soul mate was just waiting out there and that we would meet through your organization. We have already been to each other’s home for a visit and continue to fall deeper in love every day. I have been out for 15 years (was also married to a man previously) but have never been so in love nor found anyone that was so perfect for me. I can’t wait to spend my life with her! I am already working on moving to Oregon (so that Sue and I can remain close to her children) and looking forward to beginning my life with my soul mate!!! I would never have met my soul mate without your help since we literally live across country. Our paths would never have crossed. We owe you a lifetime of gratitude!! We hope to make it to some of your events once we are both together and living in Oregon! Thanks again for the wonderful support and work that you do and offer to womyn all across the country!!!” ~ Melissa H., Florida
“I have been a member of the Lavender Womyn’s group for only a very short time now ( I have only connected by E-mail and the Newsletters, so far), and yet I feel very connected and supported, which is extremely valuable to me. Therefore, I want to wholeheartedly express my appreciation for the Lavender Womyn’s group, and let you know that I hope to join in on fun activites in the future, when I can.” ~ J.
“I have met several special and interesting Lavender Womyn since joining your group. Each of them has enriched and brightened my life through laughter and a common interest in life and the love of it. Thank You!” ~ Fran B., Salem Chapter
“I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate all the work you have done to bring womyn together in the Salem area. When I first moved here in 1990, there was not an avenue for lesbian womyn to connect with one another without going to the gay bar – whichever name it happened to be at the time. Through your efforts, I have been able to make connections wth womyn that are/were closeted due to profession or other circumstances. You have opened doors to many womyn who otherwise may not have made connections. Although, I have participated in a handful of Lavender Womyn events, I truly appreciate this group. I look forward to your e-mails on upcoming events. Thank you for all of your hard work in bringing the Salem lesbian community together!” ~ Tracy, Salem Chapter
“This list has been my lifeline to the community both Gay and Straight. There have been days when I was struggling mightily (is that a word?) just to make it through the day and one of you would post something that would make me laugh or let me know how an event went or shared something they saw/heard on the news, locally, as well as globally. It helped me to stay grounded and aware that there were others out there who cared.” ~ Wendy, Corvallis-Albany Chapter
“I think you are doing a wonderful job with all this you have taken on. I don’t know how long you have been doing it, but it’s wonderful that you have taken so much of your time getting this group together.” ~ Kathie S., Salem Chapter
“Thanks for putting so much care into our Lavender Womyn group…You are touching many lives!” ~ Adeena S., Eugene Chapter
“I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the frequent communication, updates, the time it takes and general thoughtfulness that goes into the newsletter. …it is so important/gratifying to be kept “in the loop” and feel a part of the community. You do us a great service and I for one appreciate it immensely.” ~ Ashley C., Salem Chapter
“Although I have only been able to attend a few events, I really appreciate receiving the emails you send out. It keeps me in touch and reminds me that I am not alone. Thank you!” ~ Aronael K., Salem Chapter
“I wanted to thank you for being such a positive influence on the Salem community. I have been on your mailing list for about three months now, and I absolutely love everything that you are doing. I felt so alone and did not know anyone in the gay community. Then, a friend of mine e-mailed me your newsletter. I found so much hope just in knowing that there were other lesbians in Salem! Please know how much of a lifeline this is for some people, like me.” ~ Jennifer R., Salem Chapter
“I think you two have done an awesome job with this group….I came to Oregon not knowing anyone; lived here for two years still not connecting and now– in 6 months I have made great friendships. Still single–but the connections I have made by far over shadow that fact. Thank you very much.” ~ Pam K., Salem Chapter
“Sometime this past week a friend of mine needed some questions answered and I was not much help. I came across your site several months ago, and thought of you when trying to help her. Anyway, I sent her your web address and she informed me today that you all have been very helpful. I just wanted to take a minute to give a big THANK YOU to you all for doing what I was not able to”. ~ Carrie
“It was really great meeting you and the other women of the group. I was nervous (as I usually am walking into a room full of strangers), but everyone was so friendly and welcoming it quickly dissipated.” ~ Jennifer S., Salem Chapter
“I’m so glad you have taken the task of bringing the womyn of Salem together. Great work!” ~ Leis, Portland Chapter
“I was browsing around on PlanetOut and saw your ad for the support group you started here in Salem. That is exactly what I’m looking for. What you are doing is a wonderful thing. It’s also neat that your group is just starting out. I have a couple of friends here in Corvallis that I’ve talked to and they say they know of you and the group, and that you are very warm, inviting, and fun. Thank you for your time and effort. I look forward to the next event. Take care and thank you for your welcoming spirit.” ~ Kris G., Salem Chapter
“You have obviously put a lot of energy into getting this “group” going, and I for one applaud your hard work. Thank you!” ~ Bev B., Salem Chapter
“I went to my first ‘meet and greet’ potluck in March. I arrived not knowing anyone. Everyone was friendly and welcoming, though, and by the end of the evening I had not only made new friends, but had also signed up to host the next potluck! Being an active member of this group has changed my life; enriched it. I’ve enjoyed meeting many new friends and joining in on lots of fun activities. I’ve laughed and cried, shared, met many awesome womyn and developed fine friendships. I love this group. I’ve met new friends of many ages and widely varied experiences. I appreciate this group! I’m grateful for the acceptance, appreciation, spirit of cooperation and community that I have found here. This group has definitely enriched my life!!” ~ Jenna B., Rogue Valley Chapter 
“This is such a wonderful resource for our community, & I’m truly grateful.” ~ Amy T., Salem Chapter





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